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Ff am Fferm

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Addaswyd/adapted: Awen Schiavone.

Mae’r llyfr yma yn berffaith i ddwylo bach gyffwrdd a theimlo ffwr neu blu'r anifeiliaid fferm. Mae’r llyfr yn gadarn a bydd yn siŵr o ddygymod yn iawn gyda chael ei ddarllen, ei daflu a’i gnoi gan ddarllenwyr chwilfrydig, ifanc.

Mae ymchwil yn dangos fod hi’n bwysig iawn cyflwyno plant i lyfrau yn fuan iawn, a byddent wrth eu bodd yn darllen am anifeiliaid y fferm drwy fydr ac odl.

Bydd y gwahanol weadau yn siŵr o ddeffro’r synhwyrau ac mae’r lluniau mawr yn syml a chlir yn erbyn cefndir gwyn. Mae ‘na rhywbeth neis am y cefndir gwag hefyd - less is more weithiau.


This book is perfect for little, inquisitive hands to touch and feel the fur and feathers of some of our favourite farmyard animals. The book feels solid and will no doubt cope well with being read, thrown about and no doubt chewed by curious, young readers.

Research shows that it’s very important to introduce children to books very early on, and they will just love reading with you and looking at the vibrant images. The story is told through rhyme too.

The different textures will provide a sensory and tactile experience and the big pictures are simple and clear against a white background. Perhaps there could have been more textures to touch on some pages, seeing as it is a touchy/feely book. I think there’s something nice about the empty backgrounds, which make the animals stand out - less is more sometimes.


Gwasg/publisher: Rily

Cyhoeddwyd: 2020

Pris: £6.99



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